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New meds again.

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Jul. 21st, 2016 | 12:40 pm
mood: sleepysleepy

Been put on citalopram now, which is what my mun takes and they worked for my mum so fingers crossed it works for me....because I'm starting to lose hope and I really am a basket case right now. I need some fucking help.

And Vikki was on reception again. I made myself look alot better this time, just incase. It's pathetic really how we both recognise each other but none of us will speak. The thing is under different circumstances I would definately have said "Hi remember me from school?" but she most likely has an idea of what I'm seeing the doctor about and basically I'm embarrassed. And to top it off I had to sit by reception with Samuel playing me up because if I'd sat the other side the toys are their and he'd want to get out and that would be worse. I'd never get him back in the pushchair. And I think the opportunity to strike up a conversation has passed now. And why do I always feel it has to be who makes the first move? - she has a mouth to doesn't she? Meh, I should just forget about it now. I've got to stop worrying all the time.

I could just go to sleep right now but can't because spud will be up soon. Should have had a nap dam it.

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